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Tuition payments are based on a daily rate that is multiplied by the number of school days in the year and divided into equal payments for your convenience. Tuition payments start on August 15th and end on May 15th. All prices listed below reflect the 2023-2024 school year.


Registration Fee: $250

Curriculum Fee: $330 (K5-6th Grade)
                               $425 (7th-8th Grade)

Technology Fee: $200 (K5-8th Grade)


Tuition Rates (2024-2025)

Elementary School (K5-6th Grade)    $8,805

Middle School (7th-8th Grade)            $9,626



Available Payment Options:

Option A: One Payment (Due August 15th)

Option B: Two Payments (Due August 15th and January 15th)

Option C: 10 Monthly Payments (Starting August 15th and ending May 15th)

Option D: 20 Bi-monthly Payments  (Starting August 15th and ending May 31st)

All families MUST sign up for a FACTS account in order to pay for tuition. For any questions regarding set-up, please contact Morgan Stalter at