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Welcome to the Word of Life Christian Academy Preschool!

Preschool at WOLCA is a safe, nurturing and creative environment that will optimize your child's development and prepare your child for the social and academic demands of elementary school. The goal of our Preschool Program is to achieve the highest potential possible for each child in terms of academic achievement, spiritual growth, social skills, healthy emotional development, and physical performance. Our staff are experienced, well trained, and dedicated to the proper growth and development of your child. At WOLCA we view each child as special and unique in their talents and abilities. Our program utilizes many interesting educational activities specifically designed to meet their developmental needs with a focus on: * Strong Phonetic Skills * Instilling and Extending Language and Vocabulary * Developing Fine Motor Skills * Building positive social interaction on a Christian Foundation * Nurturing Creativity and Curiosity * Developing responsible, caring and respective relationships with their peers. * Fostering Critical Thinking

Half Day and Full Day options are available.

Preschool Hours:

6:30am-6:00pm Full Day
8:00am-12:30pm Half Day
703-354-4222 X226