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Small Classes

Our distinctly small class sizes allow the opportunity for more personalized instruction than in standard classroom settings. All teachers (6th-8th) have a Master's or Undergraduate Degree in Education and are available after school to talk with parents and work with students so that they can reach their full potential.


Curriculum Highlights

Word of Life is proud to teach our students using the Abeka curriculum. Abeka is a Christian worldview-based curriculum that integrates Bible teachings and Christ’s love in all subjects. In science, history, and geography, our students learn about God’s world and begin to appreciate it more as they venture into a biographical study of the people in it.

  • History: We rotate between World and US History which offers students a unique representation of how important History is in the Godly realm.  Covering the birth of the church and how it carried into the US gives students a biblical perspective of history. 
  • Science: We rotate between Life and Physical Science which offers students the opportunity to study cell biology, genetics, the history of life, microbiology, botany, zoology, ecology, and human anatomy and physiology, all within a biblical framework. Physical Science offers students classical mechanics, the text progresses through work and energy, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, and light and optics. This transitions naturally into the chemistry topics, beginning with the atomic model, then to elements and compounds, chemical reactions, and finishing with solutions, acids, basis, and salts. Every chapter shows by example why the subject matter is relevant to a Christian worldview of science.  Hands-on activities along with weekly labs allow students for a positive Science experience. 
  • Foreign Language: We are proud to offer Spanish classes for our students in K5-8th grade. Through hands-on efforts, presentations, and experiences, our middle school students are equipped with what they need to speak Spanish.  
  • Strategically designed enriching activities, such as art and music to develop each student’s talents and abilities. Basketball, musical instrument lessons, and dance are also offered.




Word of Life Christian Academy Curriculum Objectives include:

  • Fostering a mind of Christ
  • Developing and Strengthening a Christian Worldview
  • Providing the best Education and Curriculum available
  • Encouraging your child’s Spiritual Growth
  • Integrate concepts horizontally (among subjects) and vertically (among grades)
  • Challenge accelerated students
  • Promote higher-order thinking
  • Reach those who are challenged academically

A connection with God’s excellence is reflected in every subject.