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Our Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Word of Life Christian Academy is to provide an excellent and sound academic education integrated with a biblical worldview of God and the world. We foster an environment that is markedly Christian by modeling Godliness through qualified and spiritual staff and by focusing on student’s personal spiritual growth through integrating biblical instruction across the entire program of study.

We also provide the opportunity for students to reach exceptional
academic potential by providing a climate of academic and social discipline and expecting individual excellence in areas of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development.  Our rigorous and structured course offerings are designed to allow students to demonstrate higher academic performance levels.

The Academy provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for students which:

  • Encourages Spiritual Growth
  • Stimulates Intellectual Curiosity
  • Develops Positive Personal Qualities and Well Being
  • Promotes Individual Talents and Abilities
  • Fosters Respect for Individual Differences
  • Encourages Parental Involvement
  • Creates High Expectations for Student Achievement and Behavior
  • Encourages Social, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Intellectual
  • Maturity
  • Models and Teaches Christian Values and Character
  • Cultivates Leadership Qualities