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Our Three Year Old Program encompasses all students age 30 months to 3 years. We have multiple classrooms allowing for differentiated instruction based on the child’s ability and developmental age. For children who have never been in a school setting, we focus on the spiritual, social and language skills needed to enable a smooth transition into the classroom. We seek to impart the love of God while teaching and supporting the students as they learn and grow. Our instruction uses the Abeka Curriculum, which includes many aspects; self-care, language, cognitive and physical development. Each classroom adheres to state-mandated teacher to child ratios and is designed with the whole child in mind.

*Children enrolling in a two or three day program will not cover amount of material as a five day program*

Academic Concepts

Number Concepts 1-15                              Letter Recoginition                           Weather

Counting to 30                                             Phonics                                               Animals

Pre-Math Skills                                             Language Development                   Countries

Shapes                                                          Colors                                                Transportation

Pairs/Opposites                                            Calendar                                            Occupations

Sequence of Events                                     The Five Senses                                Pre-Science Skills

Alike/Different                                                                                                           Seasons


Thinking and Reasoning



Eye-Hand Coordination

Following Directions


Bible Stories


Weekly Chapel

Scripture Memorization


Developing Routines                      Group Interaction

Manners                                           Sharing/Cooperation

Obedience                                       Healthy Hygiene



Large Motor Skills

Small Motor Skills

Summer Camp