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Bob Jones (Reading, Science, and History), Sadiler (Vocabulary), Saxon Math, and Route 66 (Bible), We also have online classes available through Liberty University to help students advance in their studies. 
Middle School: A Time of Transition
The Word of Life Christian Academy’s (WOLCA) Middle School focuses on students in Grades Six through Eighth. This group of young people is moving from an age of wonderment into one of examination of truth in the midst of the difficulties and complexities of this life. It’s a time of transition for them, a time of questioning, a time of openness, and a time of decision. With young minds and growing faiths, our students are attempting to establish themselves as faithful Christian young people living in a secular world. At WOLCA, we have developed a program that addresses the needs and concerns of middle school students as we strive to develop “responsible, responsive citizens of the Kingdom.”
Our Middle School Students graduate from the single-classroom model of Education. Their courses are now taught by content-specific teachers, and they travel throughout the building for their classes. They are given additional privileges and responsibilities within the school and serve as leaders to their younger schoolmates.
Unique Middle School opportunities include:
• Running the Sound System during Morning Service
• Serving as Ushers during School Concerts
• Serving as Speakers for Chapel Service


Summer Camp