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 Welcome to Word of Life Christian Academy! We are excited and pleased to share information about our fine educational institution with you.

The Word of Life Christian Academy (WOLCA) is a purpose-driven school with multi-generational impact and global reach. We are dedicated to equipping and preparing the next generation of leaders to live out the call that God has placed on their lives.

Our school embraces a richly diverse cultural population and is dedicated to providing a high quality learning environment for all. Each child at WOLCA is given the opportunity to meet success and prepare for the future.

At WOLCA, we know that faith is not simply the words that we sing or words that are written on a page.  It must be authentic, and it must be lived out every day.  It is woven through all of the subject areas.  Our character development program is not limited to a specific “program” or special “character development” day or “service week.”  It is who we are.  Our character development and Biblical world view is integrated into everything that we do.  It is something that we live out and impart every day.

As you explore our site, we hope that you will find it an uplifting experience, and we look forward to helping you become a part of our WOLCA family.

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