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Welcome to our Word of Life Academy website.  We are excited to share what God has laid upon our hearts as we assist families with biblical training and sound educational practices that support what is taught at home.  We believe that the next generation will be used by God to shape and guide the culture for generations to come, but our children need to be nurtured and guided by teachers who model the Christian life daily in their classrooms.  

Word of Life Academy is preparing for our new 2020-2021 school year with a new logo and new school colors.  We are excited to launch our new programs and fresh opportunities for our local Christian communities.  The academy is a ministry supported by Word of Life International Church and operates within the church facility.  

Please contact our office with any questions that we can clarify for you.  May God Bless and guide you through your new year and the new decade! 

Serving Him together,

Mr. Rockafellow

School Administrator