Summer Camp - K5 - 8th


“Where preparation meets opportunity”

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My son enjoyed last summer in the WOLCA summer camp program 2013. They had at least 2 exciting trips planned every week and go to a variety of places like basketball games, go kart racing, bowling, sightseeing in DC etc. They also went swimming, bowling or to the movies every week. One of the weeks included VBS which is another plus for our family. To top it all of, they are open as early as 6:30am in the morning to 6pm which makes it super convenient for working parents. I also found the all inclusive price of the camp to very reasonable when compared the prices of other camps nearby that offered similar options. Thanks!

Justin experienced a lot of different things at camp last year. He loved Pirate’s Cove water park, watching the Mystics play basketball and riding the go carts. Best of all he played so hard each day. When it was bed time he would fall asleep right away.

Our Word of Life Summer Camp experience was great! I loved the fact that Ms. Mackall was intentional about keeping them intellectually stimulated. My kids, age6, 9, and 11, loved the variety of field trips and activities. The favorites included a Mystics basketball game, Pump it Up, Go Karts, and Splash Down Waterpark. It was fun for them to know they would be doing something fun with their friends each day. And it was nice for me to know they were in a safe and Christ-centered environment that they enjoyed. Thanks for an excellent summer!


Our Mission

Our Mission

To champion the quality of young lives with new and different challenges, a sense of community, and Geographic and cultural diversity through a Christ centered program.

New and Different – Campers will experience a daily dose of fun and will be exposed to new and different challenges. All campers are encouraged to express themselves and share their talents.

Sense of Community – We foster an atmosphere of community development where everyone shares, accepts and cares for others. For example, we hold weekly camp meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to build a supportive and nurturing community.

Geographic and Cultural Diversity – Typically, our campers represent countries such as Africa, Japan, Israel, Trinidad and Tobago, and many more. It is important for our campers to embrace our cultural diversities, such that we are all exchanging, learning and sharing the love of Christ.

Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017

Meet the parent

Meet the Parent


How to Apply

Summer Camp Registration

The application below must be turned in at the School Office before the first day of Summer Camp.

Click here to download a Summer Camp Application.

We cannot accept students until we have received the completed application forms and applicable fees have been paid.

Missing forms will result in delays in your child’s start date.