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Preschool (2.5-3 yr. olds)

Preschool Program (2.5-3 yr. olds)

Our Three Year Old Program encompasses all students age 30 months to 3 years. We have multiple classrooms allowing for differentiated instruction based on the child’s ability and developmental age. For children who have never been in a school setting, we focus on the spiritual, social and language skills needed to enable a smooth transition into the classroom. We seek to impart the love of God while teaching and supporting the students as they learn and grow. Our instruction uses the Abeka Curriculum, which includes many aspects; self-care, language, cognitive and physical development. Each classroom adheres to state-mandated teacher to child ratios and is designed with the whole child in mind.

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Pre-K (4 - 5 year olds)

Pre-K Program (4 – 5 year olds)

Our Four Year Old Program is designed for those preparing to enter Kindergarten. The goal is to create learning and behavior strategies that align to the current standard of school entrance. Our Curriculum in this program is the Essentials Curriculum with supplemental materials from the Abeka Curriculum. This presents a well rounded program that instructs phonics based learning and problem solving development in a Christian world-view. The program ensures that developmentally appropriate practices in education are utilized in all areas. This includes outside or indoor gross motor movement, spiritual development and the necessary fine motor skills for writing.

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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Preschool

Thank you for your interest in the Word of Life Christian Academy’s (WOLCA) Preschool Program. Choosing the right Preschool for your child is a tremendous responsibility. It is at this early age that children learn the foundational concepts they will need as they continue to grow and develop into young adults.

At WOLCA, we are devoted to providing a challenging educational program so that you may have the opportunity to secure the best education possible for your child. All children will be considered for admission regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Our Preschool Program admits children who are at least 2.5 years of age through the age of five and are fully potty trained. Enrollment will depend upon available space in the classroom, the child’s social maturity, and readiness for the school program. Listed below you will find the requirements for admission into our school. If you need additional assistance throughout the admission process, please feel free to contact the school at (703) 354-4222, or email for more information.


1. Your child must be at least 2.5 (30 months) before they can attend and must be FULLY potty trained. Children in this age group may not wear diapers or pull-ups to school. If after admission we find that the child is not fully potty trained, his/her enrollment will be terminated.

2. Your child must be able to feed him/herself. Teachers do not spoon feed children. Baby bottles and pacifiers are not permitted.

3. Pre-Kindergarten Requirement. All children entering a Pre-Kindergarten class must be 4 years old on or before September 30th. Because our school is an accredited school, we cannot make allowances for late birthdays.


STEP 1: Fill out the Application for Enrollment and submit it to the Preschool Director. (Registration and Activity Fees must accompany application to be considered for enrollment).

The Application for Enrollment includes a copy of our Philosophy, Statement of Faith, Discipline Policy, and Financial Agreement Forms. All forms must be signed. The registration fee is NON-Refundable and must accompany the application. This fee reserves the space for your child until the admission process is completed. Until the admission process is completed, your child is not considered enrolled in our school. The registration fee is only refunded if we do not accept your child into the School.

STEP 2: Set up an Interview with the Director.

After the Application for Enrollment has been submitted and processed, an interview will be scheduled with the Pre-School Director. All required forms listed below must be turned in on or before the day of the interview. The purpose of this interview is to determine if our school meets the needs of the prospective student and parent and to discuss operational policies. The child must attend the interview and will be given an assessment. This assessment is used for planning purposes only and does not determine eligibility into our program. Parents will be informed of the Director’s decision regarding acceptance into the school program within 3 business days of the interview by either a letter or by phone. No students will be allowed to start school without the required listed forms.

STEP 3: Meet with the Finance Office to process your payment plan. Our school partners with RenWeb for collecting and processing all payments.

Enrollment into RenWeb must be set up with the Finance Office.


(Plan ahead: Sometimes it takes several weeks to get the forms filled out by your health care provider or obtain a birth certificate if you do not have one.)

1. Health Exam – Each child must have a physical health exam within the past 12 months. Proof of this must be provided on the “Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form” and must be submitted either before or at the time of the interview.

2. Current Immunization Record – Each child must have a current certificate of immunization. Proof of this must be provided on the “Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form” and must be submitted either before or at the time of the interview.

3. Proof of Birth – Parents must supply an Original birth Certificate (copies are not acceptable) or a passport as proof of identity. If a child is from another country then a VISA will be required. Documents will be recorded in the office for our records and originals returned.

4. RenWeb Automatic Payment Form – All tuition is processed through RenWeb. All parties with Legal Custody must sign the form.

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