Middle School


Middle School: A Time of Transition

The Word of Life Christian Academy’s (WOLCA) Middle School focuses on students in Grades Six through Eighth. This group of young people is moving from an age of wonderment into one of examination of truth in the midst of the difficulties and complexities of this life. It’s a time of transition for them, a time of questioning, a time of openness, and a time of decision. With young minds and growing faiths, our students are attempting to establish themselves as faithful Christian young people living in a secular world. At WOLCA, we have developed a program that addresses the needs and concerns of middle school students as we strive to develop “responsible, responsive citizens of the Kingdom.”

Our Middle School Students graduate from the single-classroom model of Education. Their courses are now taught by content-specific teachers, and they travel throughout the building for their classes. They are given additional privileges and responsibilities within the school and serve as leaders to their younger schoolmates.

Unique Middle School opportunities include:

• Publishing the School Paper
• Running the Sound System during Morning Service
• Serving as Ushers during School Concerts
• Writing and Producing their own Dramatic Presentations
• Serving as Speakers for Chapel Service
• Planning their own special 8th grade fieldtrip to a destination of their choice.

Meet the Teachers


Ms. Fouche

Ms. Fouche

Ms Fouche1Hello, my name is Joy Fouché and I am very excited to be one of the Middle School Teachers. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of this institution that has a tradition of honoring God and educating students.

I currently teach Science for Grades 5th through 8th, History for 6th through 8th and Math. I am also the leader of the Geography Club and Enrichment Coordinator for the Odyssey of the Mind program.

This year I have been blessed to teach an awesome group of young people that will one day lead our country. Because of this calling on their lives, I challenge them to “Do Their Best and Be Their Best for Christ”.

To me, our success as teachers doesn’t depend on how many students you have in your classroom during the day, but how many are in your classroom after school because they want to be. The relationships we develop with our students last a lifetime.

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith

Ms RSmith1My Name is Rachel Smith and I am one of the Middle School Teachers. I received a B.A. in English from Cornerstone University and earned my M.S. in Education from The University of Pennsylvania.

I was born and raised in a Christian home in upstate New York. Since striking out on my own, I have lived in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, and now, finally, Virginia. My hobbies include reading, cooking, and researching current events.

I have experience teaching in public as well as private schools and have taught both middle and high school. Because I have taught a broad range of grade levels, I have firsthand knowledge of what our students will need to know to successfully complete and graduate high school and I am able to prepare our middle school students to meet these challenges.

I currently teach English, Literature, Computer, Research Skills and Math to Grades 6th through 8th.

Ms. Wedemeyer

Mr. Wedemeyer

Mr. Wedemeyer1Hi, My name is Albert Wedemeyer and I teach Middle School Spanish. I’ve spent six years living in South America (Venezuela and Chile) as the son of a U.S. diplomat, and then studied Spanish in High School, at the U.S. Military Academy, and have also taken some graduate level courses at the University of South Carolina.

The goal of our Spanish Program is to teach Middle School Students how to communicate both orally and in writing in Spanish, so that they will be able to converse with the numerous Hispanics in this region and hopefully be able to effectively share their Christian Faith in another language.

One of the techniques that I use to give the students an appreciation for the Hispanic Culture is that we will spend one class, approximately every 2 weeks focusing on one of the 20 countries in the world that have Spanish as their official language. The students take turns giving reports on their selected countries which include such items as: capitals and major cities, history, politics, religion, current events, exports, celebrities, geography and food. In addition, they learn about these countries by looking at my Stamps and coins/bills from that country, as well as becoming familiar with the Country’s Flag and Mottos.

The 6th Grade Textbook is Spanish for the Christian Student by Mr. Johnny Rife and has a heavy emphasis on mission as Mr. Rife has been on several mission trips to Latin America. Most of the chapters have Christian Songs in Spanish and a Bible Memory Verse to encourage the students in their Christian walk.

The 7th and 8th Grade textbook is ¿Cómo te va? (How’s it going?) and is an excellent fullow-on to Mr. Rife’s book that covers almost half of what is taught in Spanish 1 in High School, so it will be quite challenging for the students.

Ms. Cross

Mr. Cross
Mr Cross1

My name is Cornelius Cross; I have been teaching at the Word of Life Christian Academy for about 15 years and have taught at different grade levels throughout the academy. Currently I am the Fifth Grade Teacher, Middle School Bible Instructor and also serve as the Department Head and in other capacities in the school.

I graduated from Kansas State University and Cameron University with a degree in Elementary Education, Health and Physical Education, and a minor in Military Science. I served three years in the military, and I use my military experience to equip the students for success.

I enjoy leading the morning worship, the student praise teams and utilizing chapel and worship services to inspire and challenge the students to develop Godly character and to trust and seek God wholeheartedly.